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Life Changing Learning

The Certified PDP Administrator course is designed for individuals of client organizations to participate in a rich learning environment of people dynamics and management systems. The focus is on building a foundation of PDP knowledge and equipping you to apply processes in-house when you return to your organization.

Certification Goals

  • Learn PDP’s guiding principles and philosophies
  • Understand the metrics and meaning of behavior
  • Administer the various survey tools
  • Interpret report results
  • Apply the management concepts and processes

Interactive Learning

  • Interpreting and discussing ProScan® reports, and using the information to develop improvements and solutions
  • Developing job model profiles for any position in the organization, and interviewing and selecting the best people to “fit” positions
  • Practicing skills in team planning, defining roles and responsibilities, learning what to expect from team members, enhancing communication
  • Leading people to achieve personal success and satisfaction

EEOC Applause

PDP Certification follows EEOC policy: "Employers should ensure that tests and selection procedures are not adopted casually by managers who know little about these processes. A test or selection procedure can be an effective management tool, but no test or selection procedure should be implemented without an understanding of its effectiveness and limitations for the organization, its appropriateness for a specific job, and whether it can be appropriately administered and scored." from